Node | React | MongoDB | Docker
  • Created a continuous deployment workflow using Docker, Heroku, and Nginx.
  • Created an automated framework for E2E testing.
  • Created an admin portal applying MFA security.
  • Converted the starting Node/React project into a production-ready solution using Docker, Heroku, and AWS.
  • Maintained code for the insurance solution using Node, React, and MongoDB.
  • Created a scheduled task for exporting information using Node.js.
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JavaScript ES6 | Node.js | React | Ramda | Redis | Cucumber | Docker 
  • Created an E2E testing framework using behavior-driven development.
  • Built a tool to upload and create multiple users using Ramda and functional programming.
  • Developed a vehicle booking module using RESTful services.
  • Took leadership on the improvement of quality by introducing BDD tests and TDD techniques.
  • Built a vehicle searching module by evaluating and parsing XML responses from Travel Port.
  • Built a MITM tool to mock responses from third-party web services in order to test how our app behaves depending on distinct scenarios.
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Java 8 | LMAX Disruptor | JUnit 5
  • Created a module to connect to a currency trading exchange using concurrent algorithms.
  • Created and improved integration tests, which helped us verify the quality of the application.
RESTful Services | Java | Spring | JUnit | Mockito | React/Redux
  • Created automated acceptance tests using a homegrown API client framework, AssertJ, and Hamcrest.
  • Created a Cucumber/BDD project that helped business analysts create auto-verifiable specifications.
  • Helped the QA team finish their testing plan for some of the released versions of the system.
  • Delivered 100% bug-free solutions for a REST API module that consumes data from internal and external web services and produces information in JSON format aimed at our React web app.
  • Used test-driven development for bug solving and feature creation.
  • Developed full-stack flight reservation solutions.
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Selenium WebDriver | Java | Spring | JUnit | EasyMock | Maven | Git | JavaScript | Web Services | PostgreSQL
  • Supported RESTful web service modules that provided travel solutions for multiple airlines and travel agents around the world.
  • Created automation tests using Selenium WebDriver and improved the automation framework using the page object model.
  • Ensured the quality of SQL migration scripts by making optimizations that made no-downtime system upgrades possible.
  • Applied SOLID principles and XP practices like test-driven development, code reviews, and pair programming in order to create clean code features.
  • Developed front-end solutions using JavaScript, Ember.js, and Handlebars.
  • Supported a connectors module which gathered information from multiple external global distribution systems (GDS).
  • Created optimized SQL scripts to run data migrations using Psql and pgAdmin 3.
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Java | Oracle Database | Oracle Application Testing Suite | Oracle ADF | PL/SQL
  • Troubleshot tricky defects found in Oracle ADF and Oracle JDBC frameworks.
  • Helped the QA team run functional tests using Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS).
  • Supported a tax collection system using Oracle ADF BC, ADF Faces, and Java Swing.
  • Solved critical bugs in Java and PL/SQL code using JDeveloper and SQL Developer.
  • Verified Java and PL/SQL code and Oracle database schemas to apply possible optimizations.
  • Made several performance improvements to stored procedures applying optimizations to PL/SQL code and Oracle database tables.
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Android | .NET | SQL Server
  • Created a mobile banking Android app that consumed web services from the core banking module.
  • Made optimizations to T-SQL cursors that reduced its processing time up to 70%.
  • Created T-SQL scripts to automate account charges using SQL Server scheduled tasks.
  • Supported an online banking application developed in ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005.
  • Implemented multi-factor user authentication to our web banking application using RSA SecurID hardware tokens.
  • Made several performance improvements to stored procedures applying optimizations to PL/SQL code and Oracle database tables.
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