Alonso A. Ortega
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  • Software Developer's Persuasion

    One day a manager asked a developer to create some new feature for a particular system.

    The developer agrees to deliver this new feature with the best quality possible and that she will put all her effort to create bug-free code.

    This developer will code on her own and with nobody’s help.


  • Behavior-Driven Development

    “This feature is not correct. The process should be done biweekly – twice a week,” - The analyst said, “This is totally different from the feature I requested.”

    This was the second demo meeting held with the business analyst to show this new feature and it was the second rejection.


  • Test Driven Specifications

    We write code for fun. But we also write code to solve a problem based on provided requirements.

    Behind every new feature, there is a requirement or specification that our code must met.

    How can we verify if our code is really meeting those specifications?


  • I Don't Want To Write Unit Tests

    Have you ever felt that good sensation when you fix duplicate code? I am sure you have felt that satisfaction when you know that you did the right thing and everybody is happy about it.

    Have you ever felt the same satisfaction when you create a unit test?

    Probably not.