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  • Code Cleanliness Ratio

    Code Cleanliness Ratio (CCR) is the total number of Domain Words found in a software code repository divided by the total number of words in the repository.


  • How much test coverage should I have?

    Should I test all setters and getters? What about testing code that I don’t own? Should I use pure TDD without skipping any steps?

    The short answer is: Yes.

    But the long answer is: Yes, you should.

    We shouldn’t set any limit to quality, we should always strive to get perfect each line of code and build 100% bug-free software solutions.


  • Creating a React Component using TDD

    Nowadays it’s almost mandatory to use TDD in every new piece of software in order to avoid creating legacy code.

    There are many tools available to create unit tests in JavaScript and ReactJS.

    In this post we will be using jest and enzyme to create a simple React Component using Test-driven Development.


  • Write, Don't Talk

    There are two types of communication that we use to share information within our team. These are written communication and verbal communication.

    When is it better to use one over the other?

    In other words, when should we write instead of talk?

    We tend to believe that speaking is more effective when we are trying to share information. Verbal communication has quicker results and it allows us to have more personal contact with whom we are speaking.


  • Freelancing: How much should a developer earn?

    We live in a world of appearances. The amount of time we spent at the office is not equals to the amount of work we do.

    We get paid to pretend to be working 8 o 9 hours per day. But the reality is that we don’t exactly spend that amount of time working. We spent/waste time on meetings, chatting, discussing, etc.